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Company website is made to give possible clients an overview or idea about your company. It has a pleasant user interface and user-friendly features and functionalities.

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The site is already online. Click here ONLINE VIEW to see how it looks. Only what you need is to put your data.

Company Website has two sides of the user interface which are the Dashboard Panel/Admin Panel and the Public Site. Admin side is only accessible to the company management. It requires the users to log in with their valid system user credentials to gain access to the features and functionalities of this site. There 2 types of user roles on this project which are the Administrator and the Staff. The Administrator has the privilege to access and manage all the features and functionalities of this site while the staff only have limited permissions. Here, users can manage the list of services, bookings, and inquiries. They can also update the content of some public site’s page content dynamically on this site.

Features and Functionalities

Admin Side

Secure Login/Logout
Manage About Content
Manage Company Services Providing
Manage Clients List
Manage Testimonies
Manage Contact Information
Manage Inquiries
Manage Website Information
Manage Account Details

Public Site

Display Company Banner
Display About Content
Display Services
Display Previous/Current Clients
Display Testimonies
Contact Form for Inquiries
Display Contact Details


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