Make-Up Services

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This Make-Up Services website is built with 2 modules which are the Public and the Management sites.

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On the Management side, this side is only accessible to the company management. It requires the users to log in with their valid system user credentials to gain access to the features and functionalities of this site. There 2 types of user roles on this project which are the Administrator and the Staff. The Administrator has the privilege to access and manage all the features and functionalities of this site while the staff only have limited permissions. Here, users can manage the list of services, bookings, and inquiries. They can also update the content of some public site’s page content dynamically on this site.

On the Public Site, visitors, clients, or possible clients can explore the different page content and list the active services that the company is providing. They can view and read the whole details about the service they desire and book a request. The Booking Form requires the clients to fill in all the required fields in order to submit the request. Also, they can submit or send a message to the management for any concerns or requirements.

Features and Functionalities

Management Site

Login and Logout
Dashboard Page
Services Summary
Booking Summary
Image Slider
Services Management
Add New Service
List All Services
View Service Details
Update Service Details
Delete Service
Booking Management
Add New Booking
List All Bookings
View Booking Details
Update Booking Details
Delete Booking
Inquiries Management
List All Inquiries
Read Inquiry Details
Delete Inquiry
User Management
Add New User
List All Users
Update User Details
Delete User
Update Company Contact Information
Update System Information
Update Account Details

Public Site

Home Page
“Our Services” List
Service Details Page
“About Us” Page
Submit Booking Request
Contact Page
Send a Message or Inquiries


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