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The main purpose of this website is to provide an online platform for Yoga Class possible clients to explore their available yoga classes and submit a registration request.

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Admin Panel is the side of the system where the admin can manage the site information and data.
On the Public-Site, users can browse or explore the different classes of yoga. Visitors can read detailed information about classes such as what kind of yoga class, fees, etc. They can also submit their registration request to the management by filling in the required fields on the registration form for their selected yoga class. This site also contains a contact form and information for their inquiries.

Features and Functionalities


Login and Logout
Yoga Categories Management
Yoga Class Management
Page Content Management
Welcome Page
About Page
Contact Information
Registration Request Management
Inquiries Management
User Management
System Information Management
Account Details Management


Home Page
About Us Page
Contact Information Page
Submit Inquiries
List All Yoga Classes
Search Yoga Class
View Yoga Class Details
Submit Class Registration Request


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